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1 31-07-2020 Tender Document for Hiring of Vehicles New
2 17-07-2020 List of Faculty Members (Branch Wise) of various programs to map various courses of the coming semesters to the courses offered by SWAYAM-NPTEL MOOCs New
3 17-07-2020 Adjustment of Credits for 2017-18 B.Tech (All Branches) Admission Batch in the 4th Year (7th and 8th Sem) New
4 09-07-2020 Tender Document for Comprehensive Student Insurance for the academic session 2020-21, 2021-22 & 2022-23 New
5 06-07-2020 Letter for Local Chapters of SWAYAM-NPTEL New
6 05-07-2020 Online Faculty Development Programme on Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering from 6th to 10th July, 2020 New
7 04-07-2020 TEQIP-III, BPUT, Odisha - Annual Report 2019-20 New
8 27-06-2020 Tentative Schedule for Final Semester On-Line (Regular) Examination 2019-20 New
9 26-06-2020 Notice regarding conduct of Online Viva Voce on 30.06.2020 at 11.00 A.M. for Ph.D of Sthitapragyan Mohanty, Registration no. 13DS005001 of CSE under Faculty of Engg. New
10 25-06-2020 TEQIP-III, BPUT, Odisha sponsored Online Meeting, Webinar on 29-06-2020 at 11.30 A.M. New
11 16-06-2020 Revised Notice on Equivalence of B.Tech in Electrical and B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering New
12 17-06-2020 Notification regarding conduct of viva voce examination of Ph.D students through Video Conferencing New
13 09-06-2020 Tender Notice for Printing and Supply of QR Coded Answer Booklet for the Examinations of BPUT New
14 09-06-2020 Tender Document for Supply of Papers for BPUT Tabulation Result Sheet New
15 09-06-2020 Tender Document for Binding of TR Sheets New
16 09-06-2020 Tender for Selection of Advertising Agency New
17 06-06-2020 Final Semester (Regular/Back) Examination : 2019-20 New
18 04-06-2020 Re-Checking of Odd Semester (Regular & Back) Examinations 2019-20 New
19 02-06-2020 Notice Regarding Publication of Results for Odd Semester (Regular & Back) Examination 2019-20 of B.Pharm 1st & 3rd Sem and M.Pharm 1st Sem New
20 02-06-2020 Notice for Visitors/ Students in view of COVID-19 pandemic New
21 30-05-2020 Notice for Fourth Extension of Last Date of Bid Submission for Scanning Electron Microscope New
22 28-05-2020 Urgent Attention for AISHE Data Uploading for the Year 2019-20 New
23 12-05-2020 Notice for Third Extension of last date of bid submission for procurement of Scanning Electron Microscope New
24 26-05-2020 2nd Corrigendum to Tender Document regarding procurement of Scanning Electron Microscope New
25 18-04-2020 Notice for second extension of last date of bid submission for procurement of Scanning Electron Microscope for TEQIP-III, BPUT, Odisha New
26 18-04-2020 Notice Regarding Online Class from Swayam and MOOCs New
27 13-04-2020 Coverage of Syllabus of 2nd and 4th Semester through Online Mode New
28 30-03-2020 Notice for Extension of Last Date of Bid Submission for Scanning Electron Microscope for TEQIP-III, BPUT, Odisha New
29 21-03-2020 Odd Semester (Regular & Back) Examination Results 2019-20 New
30 19-03-2020 Circular regarding Postponement of All Final Semester Examinations of all Technical, Professional Courses including Back Paper Examinations till further Orders New
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